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Rotary Facts
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The Rotary Motto

The principal motto of Rotary is: "Service Above Self." The secondary motto is: "He Profits Most Who Serves Best."



The Rotary Wheel Emblem

The Rotary gearwheel, seen on lapels and city-limit signs around the world, is the one graphic element that universally identifies Rotary Clubs and their members in every corner of the world. In 1923, Rotary adopted as its official symbol the present gear wheel with 24 cogs and six spokes. The emblem is made into a lapel pin presented to new members of Rotary, and Rotarians are encouraged to wear the pin in their daily business activities.


The Rotary Club

A Rotary club is an organization of business and professional leaders in a well defined community. Each club is chartered by Rotary International with an assigned territorial boundary. The Purposes of the club are fellowship and service. The club is governed by a president, vice-president. president-elect and Secretary/Treasurer as the officers and a Board of Directors. Club members are to be adult persons of good character and good reputation who are proprietors, partners, corporate officer or managers of a business or profession or who hold important positions with an executive capacity. All clubs are subject to the rules and regulations as laid down by Rotary International and District Rules. Clubs are required to adopt and abide by the Rotary International Standard Club Constitution. Each club has some voice in establishing its own By-Laws, but they must conform to the Rotary International Standard Club By-Laws.


Opportunities For Fellowship

Most Rotarians are successful professional and business executives because they hear opportunities knock and take advantage of them. Once a week the opportunity for Rotary fellowship occurs at each club meeting, but not all members hear it knocking. The weekly club meeting is a special privilege of Rotary membership. It provides the occasion to visit with fellow members, to meet visitors you have not known before, and to share your personal friendship with other members. Rotary clubs, which have a reputation of being friendly clubs usually, follow a few simple steps: First, members are encouraged to sit in a different seat or at a different table each week. Second, Rotarians are urged to sit with a member they may not know as well as their long-time personal friends. Third, members invite new members or visitors to join their table just by saying: "Come join us, we have an empty chair at this table." Fourth, members share the conversation around the table rather than merely eating in silence or talking privately to the person next to them. Fifth, Rotarians make a special point of trying to get acquainted with all members of the club by seeking out those they may not know. When Rotarians follow these five easy steps, an entirely new opportunity for fellowship knocks each week. Soon Rotarians realize that warm and personal friendship is the cornerstone of every great Rotary club.


The Rotary District


A Rotary District is a geographical territory in which Rotary Clubs are associated for Rotary International administration. Port St. Lucie Rotary is in District 6930 which has 45 Clubs and stretches along Florida’s Gold and Treasure coasts from Titusville to Boca Raton. Geography includes six counties: Brevard, Indian River, St. Lucie, Martin, Okeechobee, and Palm Beach. Nearby are Disney World, the Bahamas and the exotic Florida Keys. The District Governor is the single officer of Rotary International in this District. Each District Governor has been extensively trained to do his or her job while serving a year as District Governor. In addition, each governor, and if possible their spouse, must attend a Governors Elect training meeting held in the spring of the year in which they are to become governor. The governor serves for one year beginning July 1st and ending June 30th.


Some of the duties of the District Governor are:



Strengthen Existing Clubs



Promote and implement the programs of Rotary International



Make an official visit to each club in the district


Publish a monthly District Newsletter, Produce a District Directory outlining the goals for Rotary International and the District for the coming year, listing the District officers and committee chair persons, listing the Clubs, Club Officers and meeting times and locations as well as a schedule of major District Events.