The Port St. Lucie Rotary Club, in partnership with the Olive Tree Foundation for Education, has provided scholarships to optometry students in Huancayo, a rural town in the mountains of Peru. In 2005, Rotarian Dr. Wiliam Olivos and his wife, Sandra, founded The Olive Tree Foundation for Education as a way of providing scholarships to young Peruvian optometry students in his country of origin. To date over 200 graduates have received scholarships through this program.

Each year, Dr Olivos travels to the mountains of Peru to provide free eye care clinics for those in need. The optometry students provide the necessary staffing for the clinics where they register patients, sort glasses, and assist the optometrist in diagnosing and fitting glasses.

The Rotary Club of Port St Lucie is proud to partner with the Olive Tree Foundation for Education in this worthy endeavor. Restoring clear sight to those in need restores their quality of life. And helping young people learn to provide that service gives them a valuable skill and rewarding future in their own homeland. 

Pictured below are some recent scholarship recipients: Pamela Edali Villenauva Carmona, Ines Yanina Castillo Nahui, Elvia Basilio Granados, Shirley Ninoska Sanchez Cardenas, Elias Jesus Javier Campos.